About this site

My frustration with change management is large.  Well not with change management itself, I like change management.  Rather my frustration is with those who:

  • make change management overly complicated.
  • confuse change management with many of the processes that support the change management process.
  • confuse the goal of change management with other objectives.
  • do not actively participate, particularly when they acknowledge that they should.
  • give the impression of being an change management expert, are not, and deliberately, or unintentionally, lead others astray.
  • do not understand that the term change management has different meanings for different aspects of a business.

There are numerous articles that will tell you that change, more now than any other time, is a part of our lives.  I doubt that many will argue against that statement and more than a few who will tell us about the personal burden and negative impact that change has had on them.

This blog is my means of letting off some steam and getting rid of some of my personal frustrations.

I believe that change can be managed effectively. Managed in a manner that is transitional in nature and performed simply or perceived as being simple based on its impact on others.

In the spirit of transition, evolution and growth, my posts will be published in various stages of progression through to completion.  Small changes lead to bigger things.