Manage a changing world

The world has always been in a state of change. What is different today? The speed of change today is faster than any previous time. It can be expected that tomorrow, change will occur even faster or, for the first time, appear to occur in new areas. What can you do? References

Who likes change?

How many people do you know that thrive on change?  Statistically, likely very few.  People generally like consistency. Organizational Change: 8 Reasons Why People Resist Change Ten Reasons People Resist Change The Only Person Who Likes Change is a Wet Baby So how do we use this information to assist us with change management?  If… Read More »

Personal change management

The principles of change and project management are utilized, sometimes unconsciously, in our everyday, personal lives.

Change Management Types and Models

So what is “change management”?  My experience has been that change management means different things to different people.  Early in my career, I realized that senior management’s use of the term “change management” was different then that defined by ITIL and commonly managed by IT project managers. Point of reference When we are talking to… Read More »

Technical and organization change management

It is amazing how frequently that the relationship between organizational change management, “Big C” and technical change management, “little c” is not demonstrated in practice or understood in principle.

Time to Availability

Availability, of a service, is an upmost priority for many businesses.  It is of particular significance to those in information technology, communication and data management.  Most service level agreements have terms and conditions related to availability of service.  In business continuity and disaster recovery, Meant Time To Recovery (MTTR) leads to the renewed availability of… Read More »

Like for like changes

Nothing stays the same with technology.  Pace of new product introduction is ever increasing with an associated increase in the need to patch and update those products.   As an essential part of maintaining Commercial Off The Shelf (CoTs) products, upgrades are part of the life of IT professionals. And they are occurring more frequently.  Like… Read More »

Change Management Agility

Agility is one of the older industry buzzwords. Older?  Well consider that by definition a buzzword is “often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context”  The concept of agile development methods is rooted in 2001 with Evolutionary Model of Software Development Methods and the  Agile Manifesto. If… Read More »

Why is change management not simple?

Change management should be relatively simple. Ideally it should take little effort or at least the effort is proportional to the complexity of the change.  Results from change management should be achieved faster.  Who wouldn’t want changes to be simple? Is my personal perception wrong? I do not consider myself an expert in change management.… Read More »

“Change Management” is a big phrase

Or is it?  Well, like many others, I decided to Google it and see what others had to say.  On that day, among my top 10 search results were: Change Management vs. Change Leadership — What’s the Difference? Why Change Management Should Be a Dirty Phrase | Matt Dunsmoor … Words to use (and not… Read More »