Technical and organization change management

By | June 29, 2018

Organization and technical change managementThe term change management has broad meanings.  A Google search quickly validates this.

I remember the shock when first introduced to the concept of organizational change management, “Big C”, and its relationship to technical change management, “little c”.   And I continue to be amazed that for a relationship which should be very strong, how often this strong linkage is not demonstrated in practice or understood in principle.

The communication and client / end-user impact management needs are the same for both Big C and little c.  They differ only in degree and scope.

Most striking was the lack of recognition that technical change management was often initiated as part of an organizational change management.  Further if communication, business impact and awareness and client, stakeholder and end-user impact was not sufficiently managed within a technical change management engagement than it could trigger an organizational change management event.

As stated earlier, a Google search will provide a long list of articles. Below are a few of those articles with a short synopsis or a highlight of the key points of each article. As frequently, technical change management has become synonymous with project management, I have taken the liberty to include some project management articles.