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Time to Availability

Availability, of a service, is an upmost priority for many businesses.  It is of particular significance to those in information technology, communication and data management.  Most service level agreements have terms and conditions related to availability of service.  In business continuity and disaster recovery, Meant Time To Recovery (MTTR) leads to the renewed availability of… Read More »

Why is change management not simple?

Change management should be relatively simple. Ideally it should take little effort or at least the effort is proportional to the complexity of the change.  Results from change management should be achieved faster.  Who wouldn’t want changes to be simple? Is my personal perception wrong? I do not consider myself an expert in change management.… Read More »

“Change Management” is a big phrase

Or is it?  Well, like many others, I decided to Google it and see what others had to say.  On that day, among my top 10 search results were: Change Management vs. Change Leadership — What’s the Difference? Why Change Management Should Be a Dirty Phrase | Matt Dunsmoor … Words to use (and not… Read More »